If you are hairy or just don’t like excess hair on your body, you have the Philip Lumea to try your hand on. This is a piece of grooming equipment that is used to eliminate excess hair from off the skin. It uses the legendary Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), rather than blades, to break the cycle of the regrowth of hair.

This makes it more effective and less hassle as compared to ordinary shavers. Several other advantages also accrue from the use of this item. On the same note, it also has its own share of downsides. In this article, we are going to examine both its pros and cons.


  • Thins extra hair – It has the distinct capability of thinning much more hair than the ordinary shavers may potentially impact. Thus, it is great for use in combating those hair strands that are too thin and far between such as those on the thighs and the leg regions of the body.
  • Leaves behind lasting impacts – Its outcomes are generally more enduring than those of its close competitors. That stems from the fact that it impacts the deepest strands in ways that are pretty effective. In this regard, you do not have to keep shaving the same spot every now and then.
  • Comparatively cheap – When compared to the professional IPL devices, Philip Lumea is cheaper to come by and subsequently operationalize. By opting for it, you are assured of the awesome benefits that come along but without the stress of having to dig too deep in your pocket to afford the same.
  • Faster – Other than being cheap, Philip Lumea is also faster to make use of. It is particularly faster when weighed against the speed of waxing or professional IPLs. For this reason, it is useful for those moments that do not enjoy the luxury of time. Morning grooming sessions are top examples of these.
  • Less Painful – With Philip Lumea, you do not need to wax your skin prior to the elimination of the unwanted hair strands. This spares you of the pain that comes along when getting rid of the hardened wax. Also coming along as an added benefit is the zero rashes.
  • Skin-friendly – As if the above is not enough, this at-home device is also friendly to the skin. It hardly pulls out the strands so tough from the skin to the point of inflicting some pains. This goes ahead to even prevent the blisters from arising and the dangers that ordinarily come along.


  • Requires persistence – For you to achieve the desired outcome, you really have to invest lots of your time, effort, focus, and attention for months even years. Not many people have these vital ingredients though. That is why many have decried its apparent inability to bring about the promised outcomes.
  • Limited scope – Due to its comparatively gigantic size, you might never find this piece of equipment handy for those parts of the body that are squeezed or hidden from direct view. Specifically, it does not work well in the bikini region of the body.


From the foregoing explanations, one thing stands out. That the pros of Philip Lumea far outweigh its cons. That makes it a reliable piece of grooming equipment to acquire and subsequently utilize for hair removal. How about you now taking the next big step to purchase it as soon as possible?

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